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The highly acclaimed ND AWARDS is a melting pot of some of the world’s most outstanding and talented souls in the field of photography where recognition, prestige and publicity are instantaneously gained by the winning entry. This is an open invitation. Join us and take part in the competition!


The past couple of years have been an evident testament of the success of ND AWARDS on its journey towards becoming one of the most sought-after professional competitions among photographers. Our trademark is modern approach to photography coupled with respect towards tradition. In the spirit of reciprocity, at ND AWARDS, our participants are the center of the competition as this award-giving body cannot exist without its participants. The latter are just as equally important for us as we are for them. In the same vein, we illuminate the path to development as we continue to discover, inspire and find out track promotion for the best artists.

Unconventional approach and strong vision of development direction in photography are the reasons why ND AWARDS gained such enormous popularity. Aimed at all types of photography, ND AWARDS is the perfect platform where professionals compete in six main categories: Architecture, Editorial, Fine Art, Nature, People and Special. Amateurs can also vie for the title as they compete in five categories: Architecture, Fine Art, Nature, People and Special.

Our jury is a group of highly respected industry professionals, including gallery owners, publishers, editors and acclaimed photographers. Do not miss this rare opportunity to take part in one of the most prestigious annual photo contests. Choose your best work, upload photos and give yourself a chance to compete for prestige, fame and more than $ 7,500 in monetary award!

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Loreal Prystaj - awarded entry
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Together with the founding of ND MAGAZINE in 2008, creativity, learning and sharing knowledge on photography were also spawned with passion. It is on the very pages of this historic publication that portfolios of photographers were presented with much gusto, interviews were conducted, articles—unabashedly published, and workshop, techniques and styles in photography were exhaustively discussed.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the community gathered around ND MAGAZINE and the desire for further development, by 2014, the first edition of ND AWARDS was conceptualized to fruition. Along with the next editions, the competition has established and consolidated its position. Currently, ambitious and talented people from every continent submit their work to our competition, all with the singular purpose—to set new trends in the world of photography.

Passion, motivation and vision to operate on a large scale allowed us in a few years to become one of the most recognizable photographic competition. We encourage everyone to become part of the project, which creates and shows how to push the boundaries in the world of photography.

mission and vision

Photography is a creative art where the artist may present not only the image itself, but also the story behind it. Grinding the necessary skills requires eons upon eons of practice. While winning the contest can be extremely difficult as there is usually no guarantee to break through a huge competition, our equally competent and nonpartisan jury will only choose entries that exemplify an immaculate style and a fresh approach to photography from the hundreds of photo submissions.

That said, ND AWARDS affords opportunity to photographers from every crevice across the globe to submit their works for the competition where financial rewards and a ticket to fame, prestige and promotion awaits the lucky participant. We want to inspire, educate and support the artists by going the extra mile in developing their craft. The values that underlie our offer likewise extends the same chance to each artist and each submitted work. Everyone can be a winner in our competition, regardless of the equipment used or technique employed.
Tasos Anestis - awarded entry
photo © tasos anestis
One of the primordial goals of ND AWARDS is to create a global center of photography that ushers the gathering of outstanding artists together, promote their art, and yield unique opportunities for professionals and amateurs to showcase their skills.

In ND AWARDS, everyone stands an equal chance at winning. By entering the competition, a participant can rest easy with the guarantee of his skills and vision being judged fairly and squarely by world-renowned experts that will leave no stone unturned, dissect submitted photos and choose only the best among them.

Our approach to photography allowed us to create a promotion platform, where new talents reveal every year. Over the years we have gained a huge credit of trust among gallery owners, curators, art and media world. We want to share it with the most talented photographers!

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Submit your best photos for a chance to win over 10 000$ in awards
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