Fausto Podavini
Fausto Podavini photojournalist Born in Rome, Fausto lives and works there. After a start as an assistant and studio photographer, he devoted himself to photojournalism, interpreting a freelance path that saw him work in Italy, India, Kenya, Ethiopia and South America. In 2010 he joined the collective WSP, where, in addition to being a photographer, he works as a teacher of reportage photography. He prefers medium to long-term jobs that allow him to linger and study in detail the issues addressed. Two of his works that earned him two World Press Photos in 2013 and 2018, "MiRelLa" and "Omo Change" both became books. In 2017 he was appointed Reporter for Earth by Earth Day Italy, and published in the most important Italian and international magazines. In 2018 and 2021 he won the Grant of the Yves Rocher Foundation and the Grant of the National Geographic Association US.

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