Nicola Bertellotti
Nicola Bertellotti photographer Nicola Bertellotti was born in Pietrasanta (Italy) in 1976. After studying history at the University of Pisa he begins to travel the world trying to rediscover the past glory of forgotten places. What emerges in his aesthetic is the nostalgia for lost paradise, expressed in the love for ruins, and the photographic re-presentation of decadent poetics. Since 2013 he has exhibited in numerous exhibitions around the world.

Among the solo shows : Hic Sunt Dracones at Castel dell'Ovo in Naples (2016), The Great Beauty at Pärnu Museum in Estonia (2019), Paradiso perduto at the Estella Gallery in New Orleans (2021). His works are present in various public and private collections and have appeared in prestigious magazines, including: Esquire, Arte, Nuvo, Elle Decor, Lampoon, Bild, Daily Mail, Milieu Magazine. In 2014 he published the photographic volume Fenomenologia della fine.

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